Client Settlements

Current CreditorOriginal CreditorSettlement %
Alliance OneCapital One40.00%
Allied InterstateGE Money Bank41.22%
American ExpressAmerican Express40.00%
American General FinanceAmerican General Finance50.00%
Apex Financial ManagementEquable Ascent Financial49.88%
ARSIAmerican Express40.00%
Bill Me LaterBill Me Later50.00%
Bowman, Heintz, BosciaHSBC Bank52.00%
Capital Management ServicesCitibank40.00%
Capital OneCapital One39.33%
CardWorks ServicingMerrick Bank40.00%
CardWorks ServicingMerrick Bank40.00%
CardWorks ServicingMerrick Bank50.00%
Chase BankChase Bank50.00%
Chase BankChase Bank40.00%
Chase BankChase Bank50.00%
Chase BankChase Bank41.25%
Citi CardsCiti Cards45.00%
Client Services, Inc.FIA Card Services40.00%
CollectcorpBank of America45.24%
Creditors Financial GroupBank of America40.10%
Creditors InterchangeFIA Card Services35.00%
Creditors InterchangeResurgent Capital Services40.00%
Enhanced RecoveryGE Money Bank40.00%
First SourceAmerican Express40.00%
First SourceCapital One40.00%
Focus ReceivablesWells Fargo40.00%
Focus ReceivablesDiscover40.00%
Frederick J. HannaChase Bank40.00%
Frederick J. HannaChase Bank43.00%
Frederick J. HannaChase Bank50.00%
GC ServicesSears43.20%
Glasser and GlasserFIA Card Services50.20%
Global Credit & CollectionCapital One50.00%
Houston FundingHSBC Bank42.00%
IC SystemChase Bank35.00%
IC SystemBank of America40.00%
John C. BonewiczEquable Ascent Financial41.70%
Lane BryantLane Bryant50.00%
Meyer & NjusGE Money Bank39.97%
Mitchell N. KayPortfolio Asset Management40.00%
Nathan & NathanCapital One44.10%
National Enterprise SystemsGE Retail Consumer Finance40.00%
Nationwide Credit IncGE Money Bank50.00%
Nationwide Credit IncGE Money Bank50.00%
NCO FinancialAmerican Express40.00%
NCO FinancialAmerican Express40.00%
Nelson & KennardUS Bank50.00%
Nelson WatsonCapital One39.00%
Northland Group Inc.LVNV Funding40.00%
Oliphant FinancialHSBC Bank50.00%
Palisades CollectionChase Bank40.00%
Phillips & CohenPortfolio Asset Group34.35%
Phillips & CohenPortfolio Asset Group40.00%
Phillips & CohenUS Bank40.50%
RAB Inc.Capital One36.93%
Ramona A. BreenSt. Lawrence FCU41.70%
Rausch, Sturm, Israel...FIA Card Services40.00%
RBS Card ServicesRBS Card Services50.00%
Richard J. BoudreauCitibank45.00%
Richard J. BoudreauRBS Card Services37.22%
Richard J. BoudreauLVNV Funding44.00%
Richard J. BoudreauGE Money Bank43.00%
Schlee & StillmanDiscover50.00%
Sentry CreditAdvanta Bank Corp40.00%
Stellar Recovery Inc.US Bank40.50%
Suttell and HammerHSBC Bank55.60%
Suttell and HammerCitibank51.00%
The Moore Law GroupAmerican Express51.00%
United Recovery SystemsCapital One50.00%
Wells FargoWells Fargo49.60%
Wells FargoWells Fargo35.00%
Wells FargoWells Fargo41.00%
Wells FargoWells Fargo50.00%
Weltman WeinbergDiscover45.00%
West Asset ManagmentWashington Mutual40.00%
West Asset ManagmentWashington Mutual35.00%
West Asset ManagmentBarclays45.00%
West Asset ManagmentBarclays42.30%
West Asset ManagmentBarclays40.00%
Western Mass CreditCitizens Bank44.90%
WFNNBVictoria"s Secret50.00%
Wright & LerchAmerican Express45.00%
Zwicker & AssociatesGE Money Bank45.30%
Zwicker & Associates Bank of America40.00%
Zwicker & AssociatesChase Bank40.00%
Settlement Letter Average43.31%
Settlement Target from Data43.10%